How to keep your wig from flying off at an amusement park

Posted by Amanda Luthman on Feb 6th 2020

Who doesn’t love a fun summer day at an amusement park? Whether you’re getting that adrenaline rush on an exhilarating ride or enjoying a frosty treat in the shade, there’s something for everyone. However, if you wear a wig or topper, a day like this can seem a little more complicated. Thoughts like “What if my hair flies off on the roller coaster?” or “How will I protect my style from heat and sweat?” may be running through your head. Don’t worry! Our community leaders are here to help.

Mirna says…

“I’m a Disney girl and I think I’ve totally mastered the alternative hair game at an amusement park. I go on all rides without hesitation!

I always bring a brush and extra wig tape- you want to brush regularly throughout the day and if you sweat a lot the tape may need a redo. I have never had an issue but I always come prepared.

When I am ready to place my wig tape for the day, I always prep my scalp with astringent to remove any extra oils and that ensures the tape is as tacky as possible on my head. I place it in the front hairline at the top and at my temples above my ears.

I wear whatever wig I want, depending on the weather:

Hot Weather: Short, pinned up in the front or I use my mouse ears headband to get the hair out of my face. A medium-length wig in a low pony also works.

Cold Weather: I wear whatever I want because it will keep my bald head warm

Damp or Rainy Weather: Synthetic Wig”

Amber says…

“Wear something lightweight and without a lot of length to avoid friction frizz and tangling with all the activity you're doing. You can also wear your hair in a ponytail or in braids to keep it contained and off your neck. This way it’s not flipping around on the rides!

If you want extra security, use a little tape or “It Stays” roll-on adhesive. You can also wear styles that integrate your wig or topper with your bio hair, such as a bang braid or ponytail. This will anchor the alternative hair down!

Be sure to bring a wide-tooth comb for synthetic hair and a paddle brush for human hair so you can comb it throughout the day. Travel-size Detangling Spray is also perfect to keep in your purse!

Lastly, you may want to wear an older piece, so you’re not worried about damaging something of high value or that is brand new.”

Emily Says…

“I recommend lace front tape for times you know you'll be outdoors and sweaty! At Disney, my taped-on topper didn't budge, even on upside down rides!

I love to pick a lightweight topper like the Top Smart or the Top Style synthetic. I prefer synthetic in the summer because I'm in a more humid (and HOT) climate. With synthetic, you don't have to worry about frizzing or the sun or heat affecting the color.

I wore a Top Style synthetic to my trip to Disney World and I didn't even give my hair a thought, even during those Florida summer downpours. It was lightweight and cool the whole time.”

We hope these tips inspire you to ride the fastest roller coaster you can find without fear! Bonus points if you keep your hands up in the air, without clutching your wig.

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