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Welcome to Jon Renau Education on Demand.

We're excited to bring you the top-tier training for which Jon Renau is known. Here you wil find the education our experienced alternative hair specialists share in our live + virtual programs

Jon Renau is known for its innovations in the manufacturing of alternative hair. However, we offer more than products. We partner with our retailers and share what we've learned about products, business operations, and superior customer service.

Our 40+ years of experience is available to you, our valued Retail Partner.

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"You become their trusted confidant, their advocate, their go-to resource."

We want to help you take this beyond a simple transaction. In this work, you transform lives, You help people regain confidence and enjoy life more.

This isn't always an easy journey, but you become their trusted confidant, their advocate, their go-to resource person. It's an incredible feeling that has many rewards...including a successful business.

One way we do this is through our custom approach. With you, our retail partner, we help you customize what you are going to offer to customer.

Each client experiences a unique journey. They need a safe feeling veniroment and a bespoke experience where they know you care.

To discover more about our educational opporunities, certification, and resources, please select one of our virtual courses listed below

Masterclass on Demand

In this course our experts will teach you how to transform and grow your business by expanding your product offerings.
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Topper Certification on Demand

In our online Topper Certification course, learn everything you need to know about consulting with your clients and expert tips on application techniques.
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Cheveux Direct on Demand

In this course, you'll learn how to provide a positive experience for clients with Cheveux Direct systems through consultation, custom orders, preparation, application, and care.
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Men's Hair Replacement on Demand

In this course you'll learn how to grow your business by offering Men's Hair Replacement when and where your schedule permits.
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