Procurement Standard

Jon Renau Procurement Standard


Jon Renau Collection, Inc. (referred to as "Jon Renau") upholds stringent standards for its suppliers, ensuring the delivery of products that meet the highest levels of quality and efficiency. Agreeing to the Jon Renau comprehensive Supplier Quality Assurance Program guarantees adherence to our specified quality standards and product specifications..

Supplier selection at Jon Renau is driven by factors such as cost, streamlined lead times, efficient freight management, and the elimination of non-value-added processes throughout the supply chain. Chosen suppliers are expected to comply with laws ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for their employees while actively contributing to environmental protection. Moreover, suppliers are encouraged to bring forth their innovative ideas and suggestions, fostering opportunities for collaborative growth with Jon Renau.


Please find below:

Purchasing General Terms & Conditions

Click here to read Jon Renau’s Purchasing General Terms & Conditions in English.

Code of Supplier Conduct (CSC)

Click here to read Jon Renau's Code of Supplier Conduct.

Supplier Feedback

At Jon Renau, we value our suppliers' feedback and input. For additional feedback or suggestions, please directly email