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Prepare for an unparalleled learning experience with Jon Renau's renowned top-tier in-person training. Dive into the exclusive education curated by our seasoned alternative hair professionals in our dynamic hands-on certifications, Masterclass | Toppers + Wigs and Masterclass | Hair Replacement.

While Jon Renau stands out for groundbreaking advancements in alternative hair manufacturing, our commitment goes beyond products. We establish powerful partnerships with our retailers, delivering a wealth of knowledge on products, business strategies, and unparalleled customer service through our immersive hands-on educational programs. 


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Masterclass | Hair Replacement Jon Renau HQ - Carlsbad, CA June 9-11, 2024
Masterclass | Toppers + Wigs Jon Renau HQ - Carlsbad, CA July 28-29, 2024
Masterclass | Toppers + Wigs Jon Renau HQ - Carlsbad, CA October 6-7, 2024
To discover more about our in-person educational opportunities, please select one of our certifications listed below.

Masterclass | Toppers + Wigs

Join the Jon Renau team for our two-day, hands-on Masterclass | Toppers + Wigs certification and learn how to expand your product offerings through business development strategies and professional customizations.
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Masterclass | Hair Replacement

Participate in our three-day, hands-on Hair Replacement Certification to acquire the skills necessary to grow your business and gain a competitive edge.
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