Fan Favorite Fall Colors

Posted by JR on Feb 6th 2020

We asked our followers to tell us how they like to transition their wig color into Fall and we received so many great color recommendations! We hope these inspire you to try a new color for the fall season!

@shellystone87 wearing colors 24B22 & 6


"The great thing about wearing wigs is you can change your hair to match an outfit, an occasion and even the seasons. Anyone who knows me knows my go-to blonde is 24B22 Creme Brulee from Jon Renau. It's my ride-or-die color that makes me feel most like the old me! The joy though is wearing wigs means I can try colors I wouldn't have ever dared try before. I couldn't believe it when I tried color 6 and actually loved it! And for fall and winter, it's perfect! Since finding Jon Renau wigs three years ago I have never looked back and will always be so grateful to them for putting a smile back on my face and a spring back in my step when I thought I would never feel pretty again." @shellystone87

"The fun thing about wigs is that I can change my look as the seasons change. In spring and summer, my eye gravitates toward lighter, ashier brunettes. In fall, I look for gold or copper-toned brunettes like Eve from Jon Renau in color 6F27. And in winter, I like to choose a darker marbled brown with very few highlights. I guess we’ll call this quick and easy color change an alopecia perk." @owningalopecia

@mid_life_mary wearing Julianne in color 27T613F


"I started wearing wigs just a few months ago, after years of thinning hair (not to mention confidence - I turned down so many invitations!) I bought January in Palm Springs Blonde (FS17/101S18) and it became my summer signature color...I had a great summer. Now that autumn is here, though, I really need some warmth next to my pale, Welsh skin - and Julianne (petite) in 27T613F is just perfect - I’ve got the golden hair of my childhood, again, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!" @mid_life_mary

"Now that Summer’s over and Fall is upon us I like to pull out my longer classic wigs. I love Zara in my favorite fall color 24BT18. It is a dark natural ash blonde with a blended light gold blonde. My favorite!" @amerefortune

@wiggin.out.mama wearing Sarah in color 12FS8


"I love blonde! I do. So, when everyone starts going dark for fall and winter, I still want to rock a blonde! Jon Renau's Sarah in Shaded Praline (12FS8) is perfect for me for fall! It’s got the perfect amount of shading at the root and low light mixed throughout to add some dimension to an already beautiful blonde." @wiggin.out.mama

"I love wearing the color Strawberry Syrup (FS27) throughout summer, the golden blonde highlights really give it that sun-kissed look. But I always look forward to subtly changing my color to Shaded Peach (30A27S4) for fall. It is just the most perfect autumnal shade with a dark root." @natsmunday

"I love Jon Renau's Rachel in the color Salted Caramel (FS26/31S6). Gorgeous doesn't even begin to describe this beautiful wig and this beautiful color. It is the perfect golden mix of blonde and Auburn with a hint of medium brown.... perfect for fall! My blonde sisters will appreciate the warm tones with a hint of Auburn as they transition to darker colors and my brunette sisters will love the sort of syrupy golden color as they head toward the darker chocolates as the weather turns colder. WIN!" @heywigsister

"I love wearing blonde colors in the summer. It makes me look fresher and healthier, especially with tanned skin. The platinum blondes such as FS17/101S18 (Palm Springs Blonde) fit me perfectly! Now, when Fall is coming I like to change it slowly to a more “bronde“ tone, such as Shaded Mocha (24BT18S8) or Shaded Praline (12FS8). Changing it to a brown color would make me look like a ghost. The “bronde” colors give my face the warm summer look I need - even when summer is already gone." @baldicious