How to Tie a Headscarf

Posted by JR on Nov 14th 2019

headscarf 1headscarf 2

Step 1: Fold scarf in half and center on forehead (folded edge in front)
Step 2: Gather toward side-nape and twist
Stpe 3: Continue twisting and guide into bun shape
Step 4: Finish twisting through ends to tuck and secure

*infinity scarf shown; can be achieved with any scarf type

headscarf 3

Step 1: Fold scarf in half, length ways
Step 2: Center on forehead and begin tying at side-nape with an elastic
Step 3: On last loop, pull only 1/4" of the scarf through the elastic
Step 4: Gently pull layers of the loop apart to shape and style

headscarf 4

Step 1: Gather scarf and center at the nape, twist twice at forehead
Step 2: Direct scarf back over head and twist once at nape
Step 3: Bring remainder of scarf forward and tuck under front twist
Step 4: Bring outside layers towards center and tuck to secure

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