How to Transition from Brunette to Blonde Wigs

Posted by JR on Feb 6th 2020

Are you a natural brunette who is thinking about trying a blonde wig for the first time? It can feel daunting to make such a dramatic change in color, especially if you’ve kept your hair loss a secret until now. We asked some of our Education Ambassadors to share their experiences going blonde and help you do the same without fear!

Mirna Says…

“When I first started wearing wigs, I never thought I would deviate from my natural brunette look. I wasn’t comfortable enough with myself and my hair loss to let other people know my secret, so I wore similar hairstyles every single day. How boring! One of the best things about alternative hair is being able to wear different styles with minimal effort!

Angie was my first blonde wig and I get the most compliments when I wear her. It’s a pleasant surprise for my family and friends and they are actually envious that I can easily change my hair. Now I switch between brunette and blonde with no issue. It’s so freeing and makes me feel in control of my hair loss.”

Emily Says…

“I’m a natural dark brunette. When I want to go from almost black to blonde, I aim to find a wig with a darker root, like Venice Blonde. I like to pair it with a bright lip color and false eyelashes. I also draw in my eyebrows with a lighter powder color like a warm brown.”

Amber Says…

“Start by wearing lighter brunettes or pieces with highlights. Explore shades that are in-between blonde and brunette. For example, “bronde” colors like Salted Caramel, Shaded Mocha or Root Beer Float.

You could also follow the pattern of graduating from dark to light like someone who is lightening their bio hair. Lifting to blonde has to be a gradual process to avoid damaging your hair. You can do the same thing with your alternative hair so it’s not as much of a shock. Or you could just do what you want and switch it up on a whim!"

PRO TIP: Don't forget to change your wig cap or liner color so it doesn't show through the wig!

We hope you’re feeling empowered to confidently rock that blonde shade you’ve been eyeing! We'll be sharing more tips & tricks from our Education Ambassadors throughout the Summer, so stay tuned!

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