Real Women, Real Stories: Eileen

Posted by JR on Dec 9th 2019

Tell us a little about yourself

I currently work in healthcare as a Registered Health Information Administrator and Certified Professional Medical Coder; I worked many years in the surgical arena before returning to school gaining another degree and finally landing into my current position, which I totally love!

I have been married 30 years and have one lovely daughter (28) who lives and works in New York City. My husband is retired so we love to travel and basically spend as much time together as possible as we are true “empty nesters”! I am a breast cancer survivor, so chemo forced me into wigs, but it from that came a love of wigs and how they can transform us! I also love to make YouTube wig reviews, my hope is to help and inspire other women who are on the same wig journey as I am and to reassure them that there is “good hair” out there and they can find it and look beautiful and confident! I not only show the wigs but discuss cap construction, styling options, pricing, etc. Please visit me there at

How long have I been wearing wigs?

I have been wearing wigs since 2016; as I said chemo forced me into wigs, and wigs gave me a newfound confidence that I did not have before; my bio hair was not great and it was no better after growing back from chemo. I have never gone back to wearing my bio hair, I love wigs too much and the choices provide, I have a “good hair day everyday”!

What advice would I give a new wig wearer?

First take a deep breath, it can be overwhelming in the beginning. Do your research, there are tons of wigs out there, watch videos, there are some wonderful ones on YouTube. Be assured you can and will find something that works for you and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to find it, there are lots of great priced wigs for beginning wig wearers. Also, when you first wear your new wig in public, stand up straight, smile, look people in the eye, you will be surprised what positive comments you will get!

What do I love about your brand?

I love Jon Renau wigs, Jazz is one of my “go to” wigs, I wear it several days a week. The fibers on Jon Renau wigs are so soft and natural, the caps fits like a glove. Also, my Jon Renau wigs look great even after many washings, they last and last!

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