Retailer Spotlight: It's Still Me

Posted by JR on Dec 9th 2019

4601 Excelsior Blvd #401

St Louis Park, MN 55416

Phone: 952-405-8671

How long have you been in the alternative hair business?

I opened my business It's Still Me in April 2009, approx 9 years.

What inspired you to start this business?

The inspiration for the business came 2 years after my own breast cancer diagnosis in 2006. I found I had the desire to work with women experiencing hair loss. I truly understand the importance of hair to a woman.

What kind of services do you offer?

I offer a private, one-on-one consultation where I learn about the customer's concerns, questions and lifestyle. I provide basic information about types of hair, cap construction/features and price points. A measurement of the head is taken to ensure proper fit as well as education of proper placement of the wig. I offer cap alteration if needed. The bulk of the appointment is spent choosing the style and color that provides the best solution. My goal with service is to provide an education leading to a decision that empowers moving forward with confidence.

What advice would you give to someone looking to purchase wig / topper for the first time?

My advise to someone looking to purchase a wig/topper for the first time is to invest the time into learning about the options. In theory choosing a wig/topper seems relatively simple, however there are are a number of factors that enter into having a great end result, namely having a trained expert work with you.

What is your favorite Jon Renau piece?

My favorite Jon Renau piece...I love them all!

You are CORE certified, what would you say to someone who has not yet attended?

In attending CORE I and II, I found the classes affirmed what I have already learned from years in the business. It generated energy with new ideas and knowledge as well. The classes are very professionally done. I especially appreciated the emphasis on social media marketing.

What changes have you seen in our industry in the past 5 years?

In the past five years Jon Renau has done a great job of being cutting edge with current, new styles and color offerings. Their continual education and communication with us, their customer, enables us to represent their line with knowledge and confidence.

What do you believe is ONE of your success factors?

I believe ONE of my success factors is my own personal hair loss story coupled with energy and passion for the women I am privileged to serve. It also helps to have a great resource, Jon Renau!

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