Steps for reviving human hair wigs and pieces

Posted by JR on Dec 9th 2019

Improper care of alternative human hair can lead to tangling and matting of your piece. Take a look this step-by-step process our team takes to revive human hair wigs and other hair pieces.

Assess the problem areas:

  • Tangling and matting at the nape;
  • Dry and frizzy hair;
  • Hair reversed inside of cap.

Pin the wig to the canvas head:

  • Use t-pins to secure at the top of each ear tab;
  • Pin at the bottom of each ear tab;
  • Pin at the outer corners of the nape area.

Begin the detangling process:

  • Separate the hair into small sections to begin the detangling process in the extremely matted areas;
  • Separating into small sections allows you to have more control in that area and does not put as much tension on the hair when brushing/combing through.

Condition the wig:

  • Combine Jon Renau Luxury Smooth Contioner with 2-3 pumps of Argan Treatment Mist;

  • Blend products in your hands

Rub the products into the matted area:

  • Apply the mixture to the affected areas;
  • Avoid applying too much or getting near any hand tied areas.

Detangle one more time

  • Gently begin to comb the tangles out in small sections;

Wash your wig:

  • Next step is to perform our recommended cleansing process for human hair systems;
  • Using cool running water, use Jon Renau Luxury Smooth Shampoo and rinse;
  • Then apply Jon Renau Luxury Smooth Conditioner throughout mid-strands and ends, then rinse.

Deep condition the wig:

  • After the wig has been cleansed, you will begin the deep conditioning process;
  • First, brush through the wig with Jon Renau Paddle brush.

  • Next, apply Jon Renau Luxury Smooth Conditioner and 4-6 sprays of Jon Renau Argan Smooth Treatment mist through the hair avoiding the base of the cap.

  • Finally, apply low heat around the hair with a blow dryer for about 1-2 minutes;
  • Once deep conditioning process has been completed, rinse the wig with cool running water.

Blow dry:

  • Once your wig cap is completely dry, re-dampen the hair.
  • Gently brush through the hair and apply Jon Renau Blown Away Blow Dry Balm. This will help to smooth the cuticles and protect against UV damage.

  • Use a round Boar Bristle Brush to blow dry.

Style as desired:

  • For this piece we used Jon Renau Heat Treat Thermal Spray to protect the hair from heat damage and curled the hair with a curling iron.

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