Top 8 Favorite JR Colors

Posted by JR on Feb 6th 2020

You voted and we listened! Last month we asked our followers to tell us which of our top-selling colors they’d like to know more about. You voted for 8 colors and we took some brand new photos of them! We hope these will help you better understand our colors and make a more informed choice when choosing your next wig or topper.

We’ve photographed each color in both natural and indoor fluorescent lighting. We did this to demonstrate how the same color can look a little different in different lighting conditions. Generally, colors look warmer and have less contrast in indoor lighting.

The natural light photos are on the left and the indoor photos are on the right.

Palm Springs Blonde (FS17/101S18)

Light ash blonde with pure white natural violet, shaded with dark natural ash-blonde


Light natural ash brown with 75% grey front, graduating to medium brown with 35% grey nape

Here is another look at color 39F38, so you can see the darker underlayer.


Light grey with 20% medium brown front, graduating to grey with 30% medium brown nape


Medium red & medium red-golden blonde blend with a medium red nape

Shaded Peach (30A27S4)

Medium natural red & medium red-golden blonde blend, shaded with dark brown


Brown & medium red blend


Medium brown with 33% medium natural blonde highlights

Shaded Mocha (24BT18S8)

Medium natural ash blonde & light natural golden blonde blend, shaded with medium brown

We hope this resource was helpful to you! Let us know what other colors you’d like to know more about.