What is JRGR?

Posted by JR on Jun 22nd 2020

#JonRenauGetsReal is a dedicated space for real people with real hair loss; we do not use professional models or actors. Instead, we spotlight the unique stories and hair loss journeys of everyday people. JRGR was born from a need to empower people everywhere who are experiencing hair loss, as well as normalize it and create awareness in the media. We also strive to shed light on all of the hair loss solutions that are available today. Many people believe that wigs are the only solution to hair loss, which is simply not true! There are a variety of solutions available for every unique situation.

History of #JonRenauGetsReal

For each year of #JonRenauGetsReal we’ve highlighted a different type of hair loss solution.

Our inaugural year featured toppers, an alternative hair solution that is often overlooked and one that Jon Renau has always strived to educate its followers on. Many of the real women that year had previously thought that their only option was to wear a wig but did not realize that a topper was still a suitable solution for them!

“When I put my first topper on, I immediately felt hopeful. I walked in feeling like I would never have a normal hairstyle again & walked out feeling like no one will ever know that I have this on!” - Jessica

The second year highlighted wigs, with a focus on Jon Renau’s SmartLace Human Hair collection. Although most of these women had worn human hair before, they were unaware of all the styling possibilities it had, in contrast to traditional synthetic fiber.

Those who were accustomed to wearing synthetic fiber in their daily lives were also surprised by how different human hair made them feel, likening it to a luxury experience.

“Working with a stylist was awesome! He shared tips and tricks with me and even created baby hairs to give the wig a more natural look.” - Mirna

Our third and upcoming #JonRenauGetsReal highlights an innovative and long-term hair loss solution: Hair Replacement! Stay tuned for more details on this in the coming weeks.

How #JonRenauGetsReal Works

Since the inception of JRGR in 2017, we’ve had 13 men and women participate and share their stories with us!

Each year we find new real people to feature. Typically, what we’ve done is put out a “casting call” on social media and ask any interested followers to submit their photos with and without alternative hair, as well as share their hair loss story with us. We then use these entries to select our participants.

Next comes the fun part! All our participants are flown out to sunny San Diego, California where they get to participate in a professional photo and video shoot. We provide them with hand-picked Jon Renau hair pieces to wear for the shoot. They also get their hair, makeup, and wardrobe done by professional stylists!

The best part of all this is that our team gets the chance to meet all these wonderful people in person and develop a relationship with them. Several of our JRGR participants have even gone on to become Education Ambassadors.

Where to Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about #JonRenauGetsReal you can do so on our website! We’ve recently updated our site with before & after photos, videos, and information from each year of JRGR, as well as testimonials from all our participants. Click here.

We can’t wait for you to meet our real women & men and learn their stories!