What is the Renau Exclusive color?

Posted by JR on Nov 20th 2019

Renau Exclusive: A line of exclusive colors that have been developed by Jon Renau and offer the most natural, fashion-forward hues. This color line includes our Renau Natural (RN), ombre and shaded color series.

Renau Naturals

[These are the only colors that can be altered]

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noun. Renau Naturals (RN) are processed without the use of textile-like dyes, therefore allowing professional alternative hair colorists to lift and deposit color up to 2-3 levels of color successfully

The RN colors will be noted with RN in the color code and include: 4RN, 6RN, 8RN, FS12/26RN, 24B22RN and 613RN

Ombre Colors

[These colors are not to be altered in any way]

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noun. Ombre colors have gradient tones starting darker at the base, progressing into lighter at the ends. This gives both a natural and fashionable look

Colors include: B8-27/30RO and B8-30-14/26RO

Shaded colors

[These colors are not to be altered in any way]

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noun. Each root area is hand-dyed 2”– 4” with a darker shade to create the appearance of a “root”. This color series allow blondes to look incredibly natural. The number following the “S” indicates the color of the root

Colors include: 12FS8, 14/26S10, 22/16S8, 24BT18S8, 27T613S8 and 613/102S8

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