Why Are Renau Natural Colors Warmer?

Posted by JR on May 22nd 2020

Why are Renau Natural (RN) colors warmer than other alternative human hair colors?


Across the industry, alternative human hair is processed by lightening the hair to the highest level prior to depositing textile-like dyes to achieve a specific color. At Jon Renau, we also utilize this color technique across our human hair pieces, with the exception of our Renau Naturals (RN) colors.


Our human hair wigs and toppers are made with a blend of Chinese and Indian hair types, which are naturally darker colors. RN colors are gently lifted to the desired levels without using dyes, therefore resulting in warmer tones. These colors are kept this way so professional colorists can customize color

For example: the color 8RN is a salon level 5 making the dominant pigment Red

  • Use the Jon Renau Ladies Human Hair Color Ring. Contact your local wig shop for more information
  • Visit a store that carries a variety of RN colors. RN colors will be noted with “RN” in the color code and include: 4RN, 6RN, 8RN, FS12/26RN, 24B22RN and 613RN
  • Visit CORE Certified wig shops and salons.Clink HERE for more information

  • Visit our website to review color options in the style you have chosen
  • Ask your wig shop for a custom order through our Custom Order Department for unique or custom color requests
  • Ask your wig shop to customize the color for you to the exact tone that you desire. Renau Naturals are processed without the use of textile-like dyes; allowing professional alternative hair colorists to lift and/or deposit color 2-3 levels

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