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Nov 3rd 2023

#jonrenaugetsreal Real Hair Loss + Real Solutions

Jon Renau Gets Real is an annual campaign that celebrates the strength and courage of those who experience hair loss.

Join us as we come together to share real, unfiltered stories of individuals who have discovered their own paths to confidence, self-acceptance, and empowerment through alternative hair solutions.

Meet Laura


“I just feel like a different person ever since I got my hair.”

Can you describe your hair loss?

When I was younger, I used to have really thick hair. My family used to joke I had more hair than my aunts combined!

I was diagnosed with Leukemia in high school, and I also then had shingles around my eye and on my scalp. Ever since then I’ve had extreme hair loss up in the front of my hair and it just doesn’t want to grow there naturally anymore. So, that’s why I do hair replacement.

For ten years I tried everything under the sun. My mom is a professional, so she got everything she could. None of it made my hair grow back.

The hair replacement process

What advice would you give to others?

[Wearing] hair is fun but don’t let it also dictate your life. Try it. I was scared at first. I mean, you’re going to be wearing a wig. It seems different and awkward, especially when you’re younger, but [hair replacement] has given me so much confidence.

[My hair system] is really comfortable. I chose to wear wigs during my cancer treatment, and I wanted to take them off as soon as I wasn’t in public. I really thought that something like this would be something I would feel and would feel uncomfortable.

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