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Nov 6th 2023

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Jon Renau Gets Real is a dedicated space for real people with real hair loss; we do not use professional models or actors. Instead, we spotlight the unique stories and hair loss journeys of everyday people. The goal? To help validate those experiencing hair loss and shine a light on all the alternative hair solutions available today.

For Jon Renau Gets Real 2023, we’re featuring the impactful stories of four individuals whose lives were transformed by hair replacement.

Meet Marcel


"Don’t be scared to try something that’s not in the ‘norm’. Go outside the box, and I think you will be very happy when you do.”

Can you describe your hair loss?

My hair loss is generally in the front, struggled with that probably since I was 25. It went out really quick. I used to have a lot of curls and a lot of hair. For me, I was always with a lot of confidence and then my confidence just went down. I thought, okay it’s my hair, it has to be my hair.

I researched several hair loss solutions, butI didn’t think I would get the long-term result or look that I wanted.

The first step was looking at pictures of hair replacement, because I knew I could achieve any look, there was nothing that was going to stop me. Once I found a style I liked, I reached out and started the process.

What would you say to your younger self?

"The advice I would give myself would be, no matter what changes in life, physical appearance or life in general, just always keep your confidence and be who you are. "

Always live and love yourself as you are. I wish I had told myself that, because I would not have been so unhappy with how I looked and my appearance.

How did hair loss affect you?

I was constantly wearing a hat, so nobody really knew unless I was going into a pool or didn’t have my hat for some reason. For me, it was more self-confidence. I was like, I'm too young for this and wasn’t ready for it myself, mentally.

The hair replacement process with the Jon Renau Noah system

What changed that you didn’t expect after hair replacement?

I definitely notice people checking me out a lot more and I'm getting more compliments.

What advice would you give to others?

One piece of advice I would like to share with people would be, there’s always a solution to anything and everything out there.

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