Real Women, Real Stories: Jen

Posted by Amanda Luthman on Feb 6th 2020

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Jen, I am married to my high school sweetheart, we have two teenage boys, and I am about to enter my last year in my 30's! I first noticed my thinning hair when my oldest son started school.Someone took a photo of me giving him a hug on his first day, and they were kind enough to pass it on to me afterward.That photo mortified me as it was truly the first time I noticed how thin my hair was. That was over 12 years ago.Initially, I thought it was just something happening after my second pregnancy and that I would definitely return to the hair I had before. Only I didn't. About 4 years ago, and many doctors later,I was told I had Androgenic Alopecia, triggered in my body during my last pregnancy.I tried just about everything I possibly could before I came to the same conclusion the doctors had.No pill or shampoo was going to fix this. Devastation hit me hard. It was a very tough year for me.Luckily, I am in a much better place now and I am wanting to reach out to anyone else who is feeling the way I did.

How long have you been wearing wigs or hairpieces?

I have been wearing a topper for 4 years or so.I have worn multiple toppers over the years.Always in brown so nobody would notice.Lately, though I have been feeling the need to spice it up some more and I am finally at a point where I WANT to wear wigs too! I don't need to, toppers still work for me as I still have lots of bio hair, but I want to expand my options. The word wig used to terrify me.I can't say that I am 100% comfortable with it yet, but I am getting closer and loving the choices I have at my fingertips.

What advice would you give to a new alternative hair wearer?

There is really so much advice I could give to a new wig wearer!I really don't know how to summarize it all.First of all, do not place any pressure on yourself to tell anyone until you are ready.It may feel like you may never get there, but you will.There are so many stages of grief to go through first.Secondly, find a support system.Friends and family first, and then find one within the hair loss community.Instagram has been amazing for this for me.Lastly, I will say try as many things as you can.I had a very hard time matching any topper to my naturally curly bio hair.I eventually bought a human hair Top Form and had to learn how to use a curling iron, which was comical, but I am so glad I did.You will find the piece that makes you feel like you again, and then the healing begins!

What do you love about our brand?

What I love about Jon Renau is that the variety and quality never disappoint. I own quite a few boxes of hair at this point, but my two favorites will always be my easiPart XL for its ease of use and amazing look, and my Top Form.It took me awhile to convince myself to splurge on human hair but I am glad I did.I also think that Jon Renau has the most impressive collection.So many beautiful pieces and colors that are updated all the time, this is the reason I am ready to branch out into wigs.There is so much fun to be had in Jon Renau hair!

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